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Ryan Bauermeister

Cycling Specialist

Ryan is a runner by trade developing his passion for cycling. Born and raised just down the road in Spencer, he has been working summers at the lakes for the past four years. A NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE GRADUATE WITH A DEGREE In exercise science, RYAN FOCUSES ON incorporating proper biomechanics to better improve performance in both running and cycling.  An expert in specialized, cevelo, and alchemy cycles, ryan is ready and able to help your next cycling experience be better than ever.

He also carries the title of "thee official KG Koolie Runner."

Ross is WORKING HIS WAY THROUGH THE RANKS OF high school at Dakota Valley in North Sioux City, South Dakota. Ever since ross can remember, he as spent his summers here in the Iowa Great Lakes. His cycling passions are not limited to just road biking, but include all types of riding from mountain to gravel.HIS INTEREST in mechanical knowledge has led ross to continue to grow AND APPLY his education AT THE SHOP. Whether you need a quick flat repair or are looking for the perfect bike, ross can HELP guide you TO GET YOU OUT FOR the adventures that lie ahead.